State Board of Regents

The State Board of Regents is presided over by the State Director, who is appointed by the Most Worshipful Grand Master of that jurisdiction. With the concurrence of the Grand Master, he appoints all members to the State Board of Regents. At the request of the State Director, the State Board of Regents assists him in establishing local Councils of Pythagorean. It also assists him in planning the Annual Summer Encampment for Youth Knights

Parent’s Club

The Parents Club is made up of Parents who help, aid, and assist the Order. They help out with fundraisers, transportation, planning awards banquets and other activities as needed. Most of all, they proudly support their child’s involvement in the Order of the Knights of Pythagoras.

Local Board of Regents

The Council Board of Regents is presided over by a Chairman, who is appointed by the Worshipful Master of that sponsoring Masonic Lodge. Should the council be sponsored by a Masonic District, then the Chairman is appointed by the District Deputy Grand Master. The Local Board of Regents is responsible to the local sponsoring Masonic Lodge or Masonic District and directs and supervises all Youth activities